Gbenga Adeoba Starlight Agbowo

Starlight | Gbenga Adeoba

I am furling like arcs of tendrils unknown. Perhaps it is the rhythm wafting from your country; or the way of waters, how they hold flotsams in their wake, in grips weighed in ripples. Only[…]

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Lasode Opemipo on identity Agbowo

Six Paintings And Two Experiments With Textile | Lasode Opemipo

Modernist painter Peter Lanyon once commented that “It is impossible for me to make a painting which has no reference to the powerful environment in which I live”. Art is, more often than not, always[…]

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a man of nostalgia

A Man of Nostalgia | Tohib Adejumo

Two nights ago, I was at a housewarming party of a colleague from work, holding a glass of wine, and admiring one of the paintings on the wall. The artwork seemed to have been made[…]

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What She Said Agbowó Precious Arinze

What She Said | Precious Arinze

Dear, if you find this, we filled three notebooks with our abusers’ names and fed them to a stove. Still, they did not leave. Like how scars forget to fade long after the wounds close[…]

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On Natural Hair, The African Woman And Her Mane: A Fad, Movement Or An Actual Link To Her Roots | Odunaiya O. Lily

Natural hair had at some point in the late 20th century represented cultural independence to the African Americans. Angela Davis, a human rights activist, regularly sported an Afro. Many other notable celebrities have also been[…]

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Two Portraits and a Reflection | Musawenkosi Khanyile

Reflections   In grade 8, my hand landed on the delicate parts of a classmate. This did not look anything like me: a well-behaved boy who always wore neatly and performed well in class. She[…]

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Oloye Alade Agbowo

Oloye Alade | IfeOluwa Nihinlola

While Oloye sat at the centre of the village with other men on raffia mats as they drank otika, beer made from guinea corn that has the ability to make a grown man’s brain float[…]

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Sunset Memories Adebayo Agarau Photographer Agbowo

Sunset Memories | Adedayo Agarau

I love to watch the sun sink itself deep in pockets of clouds. It is such a beautiful sight to behold. Photographs of my childhood rush into my eyes; I remember the little songs I[…]

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On Desire Tade Ipadeola Agbowo

On Desire | Tade Ipadeola

So the thing I want the most to do is ask Why Cleopatra’s Needle pierces history From Luxor to Paris, London and New York Why Muhammad Ali gave our monument away?   But you know[…]

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Welcome To Agbowo banner

Welcome To Agbowó

For months, we have worked assiduously to create a platform that celebrates and curates the most important and beautiful works of literary and visual art by Africans in Africa and the diaspora. The product of[…]

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