Grace by Sihle Ntuli Agbowo Art African Art Literary

Grace | Sihle Ntuli

here my dear flower with the wind and drifting   just behind your breast plate in front of your heart there is a glow that matches the textures of the neo-soul   state of mind[…]

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Nefelibata Oluwatosin Babatunde Agbowo Art Literary Art African Art

Nefelibata | Oluwatosin Babatunde-olotu

NEFELIBATA   Last night, whilst I slept I sojourned the land of dreams in my dream, I was a man and my name was Nefelibata I had a wife and a fluffy dog my dog[…]

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Cigarette Butt Agbowo Art Nduka Akpe Literary Art African Art

Cigarette Butt | Nduka Akpe

I   Your fingers traipsing across my face taste like cigarettes Smells I use to hate  taste so lovely when they tickle my nostrils winking slyly as they curl about the stray strand of hair[…]

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Love came to desolate cities'' Agbowo art OF CHILD MARRIAGES AND RIPPED INNOCENCE Tosin Ariyo

“Love Came To Desolate Cities” and “Of Child Marriages and Ripped Innocence”| Tosin Ariyo

LOVE CAME TO DESOLATE CITIES   Old bones are percussion instruments Colliding to music played in buried cities. Most cities sing a funeral dirge to myriad beats of loss while we are covered with black[…]

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Nkateko Masinga Heat Prayers after Pantheon Agbowo Art African Art Literary Art

“Heat” and “Prayers after Pantheon” | Nkateko Masinga

heat   you spoke to me in the language of divinity: your words, a prophecy. your touch, a laying on of hands – a prelude to healing, soothing balm for my spirit.   your voice[…]

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"Droop Song" and "Andoni" | Tares Banigoe Oburumu

“Droop Song” and “Andoni” | Tares Banigoe Oburumu

Droop Song   shaped like a light bulb in a distant home, like the earth on the eye of a telescope lit by sunbeams greenshadows and moonlights, the egg a cone of dreams   drops[…]

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Lakes and Confessionals and Brew Anyah Richard

‘Lakes and Confessionals’ and ‘Brew’ | Anyah Richard

lakes and confessionals i kneel before the confessional. the priests’ voice is driftwood on a lake of abuses; it reminds me of beatings. how can god speak through a mouthpiece so harsh? the gun on[…]

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Efe Azino A Kiss Remembers Agbowo Art Poetry

A Kiss Remembers | Efe Azino

  A kiss remembers; how tongues launched bodies into orbits of white nothing, milky ways of no worries, eyes shut beneath a river of twisting sheets, currents of passion carrying the day’s plans into tomorrow.[…]

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Funmi Dipo Ajayi Difficulty Befalls the Easy Make Agbowo

Difficulty Befalls the Easy-Make | Funmi Dipo-Ajayi

  “I don’t usually do this” Your mumbled half-lie drops through the air alongside his belt. Eyes dart left, then right, then left, then right again (everywhere but back to his own). You catch the[…]

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Deborah Agube Correspondence with Heaven Agbowo

Correspondence with Heaven | Deborah Agube

  I wonder what rainbows feel like, what it tastes like having heaven on your lips. There is a rebirth that comes with the rains to earth, with the many colours of hope and beauty[…]

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