Cigarette Butt Agbowo Art Nduka Akpe Literary Art African Art

Cigarette Butt | Nduka Akpe

I   Your fingers traipsing across my face taste like cigarettes Smells I use to hate  taste so lovely when they tickle my nostrils winking slyly as they curl about the stray strand of hair[…]

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Agbowo Art Akin Oseni Wole Soyinka JP Clark Chinua Achebe

Are Our Writers No Longer of this Earth? | Akin Oseni

A poet’s work is to name the unnameable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world, and stop it (from) going to sleep. Salman Rushdie May we, for a moment, discard[…]

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Love came to desolate cities'' Agbowo art OF CHILD MARRIAGES AND RIPPED INNOCENCE Tosin Ariyo

“Love Came To Desolate Cities” and “Of Child Marriages and Ripped Innocence”| Tosin Ariyo

LOVE CAME TO DESOLATE CITIES   Old bones are percussion instruments Colliding to music played in buried cities. Most cities sing a funeral dirge to myriad beats of loss while we are covered with black[…]

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Nkateko Masinga Heat Prayers after Pantheon Agbowo Art African Art Literary Art

“Heat” and “Prayers after Pantheon” | Nkateko Masinga

heat   you spoke to me in the language of divinity: your words, a prophecy. your touch, a laying on of hands – a prelude to healing, soothing balm for my spirit.   your voice[…]

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Toni Kan Number 14 Agbowo Art Caine Agbowoart

Number 14 | Toni Kan

      “I saw Gideon,” my sister told me on the phone the moment I said hello. “Which Gideon?” I asked “Gideon of Number 14,” she said and I felt the room grow small[…]

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"Droop Song" and "Andoni" | Tares Banigoe Oburumu

“Droop Song” and “Andoni” | Tares Banigoe Oburumu

Droop Song   shaped like a light bulb in a distant home, like the earth on the eye of a telescope lit by sunbeams greenshadows and moonlights, the egg a cone of dreams   drops[…]

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Lakes and Confessionals and Brew Anyah Richard

‘Lakes and Confessionals’ and ‘Brew’ | Anyah Richard

lakes and confessionals i kneel before the confessional. the priests’ voice is driftwood on a lake of abuses; it reminds me of beatings. how can god speak through a mouthpiece so harsh? the gun on[…]

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Hiding Father's Face Joba Ojelabi Agbowo art fiction

Hiding Father’s Face | ‘Joba Ojelabi

  Most good stories about cars often start with either a good ride in them or a gratified attempt to own them in their grandeur. But this was not the case with Akin Ojelabi. While[…]

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Efe Azino A Kiss Remembers Agbowo Art Poetry

A Kiss Remembers | Efe Azino

  A kiss remembers; how tongues launched bodies into orbits of white nothing, milky ways of no worries, eyes shut beneath a river of twisting sheets, currents of passion carrying the day’s plans into tomorrow.[…]

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AgbowoHow Does the Story End? | Zulaikhah Agoro

How Does the Story End? | Zulaikhah Agoro

  “How does the story end?”  her hand, the one that wasn’t holding the microphone, flew in the air and fluttered around slightly at the word ‘end’. Good natured laughter swam through the small crowd[…]

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