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A Kiss Remembers | Efe Azino

A Kiss Remembers | Efe Azino

Efe Azino A Kiss Remembers Agbowo Art Poetry


A kiss remembers;

how tongues launched bodies

into orbits of white nothing,

milky ways of no worries,

eyes shut beneath a river

of twisting sheets,

currents of passion

carrying the day’s plans into tomorrow.

A kiss remembers;

fevered touches conflating

beginnings and endings,

room service,

soups that taste almost as good

as hands clasped over mouth,

stifling screams,

head drowning in tears of open wonder.

A kiss remembers;

the smell of you

haunting like the dream in your eyes

wild like your laughter,

the futility of resistance.

A kiss is a map,

leading us away

from everything we’ve known

into everything we know

a kiss can unlock if it tastes like this.



Efe Azino Agbowo Art Poetry Efe Paul Azino is the co-founder and director of the Lagos International Poetry Festival, and author the poetry collection, For Broken Men Who Cross Often, published by Farafina Books. He has been translated into Afrikaans, French, German and Mandarin. His new collection, The Tragedy of Falling with Laughter Stuck in Your Throat, is due out in 2017. 






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