Our Story


Agbowó is growing to be a foremost African art company providing platforms for African writers and artists that ensure creative Africans can concentrate on creating great art while we ensure they get the audience and the value they deserve.

Our goal is to create immense value for art lovers whether as creators or as consumers of African art as they might have not experienced before- both through the magnitude of our service and in the way we have chosen to deliver them.

Agbowó, the literary journal, was an off-shoot of the UITES WRITE collective and started in July 2017. UITES WRITE, founded by Habeeb Kolade and Dolapo Amusat in 2015, was a platform to showcase literary work by University of Ibadan students and alumni. The collective, published electronic anthologies – the UITES WRITE Anthology and OCTOBER STORIES featuring prose and fiction and received numerous plaudits and a Student Initiative of the Year commendation by the Student’s Union. The goal, with UITES WRITE, was to create a community of past and present University of Ibadan students using art as a tool.

Graduating and ambitious, the founding editorial team decided to carve out a literary magazine and open up to Africa. And, thus, Agbowó was born. While the scope was broader with Agbowó, the aim was not all too dissimilar from that of the mother organization – to create a common space for creative Africans thAT . In this case, a common space for showcasing and celebrating African literary and visual art and by that measure, engendering community. While the magazine bears the name of the street opposite the University of Ibadan and could be seen as symbolizing our move into the wider world, our usage of “Agbowó” is broader and, as one of the founding editors put it, means –  “collectors of things of value”. We have since committed ourselves to the seeking out and amplification of emerging voices on the continent.

We will continue to seek new, innovative and trusted ways to uphold African artistry, craft and creativity. Whether through our own initiatives, partnerships or sponsorships, we will remain true to our purpose of providing global access to cultural and creative Africans and helping them gain value and audience for their work.

Agbowó’s registered name is Agbowó Creative African Company, incorporated with the RC number 1575748.

Our Approach

Here are a number of ways we contribute to the art community.

The Memory Issue - Agbowo Magazine African Art 2020

Digital Publications

We accept and publish submissions into digital issues throughout the year. Agbowó pays its contributors a specific amount per genre.

Art Events and Exhibitions

Agbowó convenes virtual and physical events and exhibitions for art enthusiasts, creators, and partners. We also do this via our events platform, ArtsnChill. Collaborate with us for your art and book events. See our art events at artsnchill.com


We provide a range of publishing services for individuals and organizations, especially publications focused on African creativity and artistry.


Meet the Team

Habeeb Kolade
Habeeb Kolade

Executive Lead

Darafunmi Olanrewaju- Agbowo
Darafunmi Olanrewaju

Finance Lead

Adedayo Agarau - Editor-in-Chief
Adedayo Agarau


Joba Ojelabi Agbowo
Joba Ojelabi

Communications Lead

Sheyi Owolabi | Agbowo
Sheyi Owolabi

Visual Arts Editor

Nome Emeka Patrick
Nome Emeka Patrick

Poetry Editor

Hauwa Nuhu Shaffii - Nonfiction Editor
Hauwa Nuhu Shaffii

Nonfiction Editor

Oladunni Adenuga
Oladunni Adenuga

Fiction Editor

Uthman Adejumo Agbowo Art Drama Editor
Uthman Adejumo

Drama Editor

Moyosore Orimoloye
Moyosore Orimoloye

Strategy Advisory