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Who We Are

Agbowó is an afrocentric literary and arts community. At Agbowó, we collect great literary and visual African art, listen to new voices and embrace innovative artistic expression. We are creating a platform where the works of African writers and artists come alive and readers find the most intriguing work.


Agbowó, the literary journal, is an off-shoot of UITES WRITE.

UITES WRITE, founded by Dolapo Amusat and Habeeb Kolade in 2015, is a platform to showcase literary work by University of Ibadan students and alumni. UITES WRITE successfully completed two publications in poetry and prose. The first was the UITES WRITE Anthology and the second was OCTOBER STORIES. The initiative won STUDENT INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR at the 2016 Student Union Awards, University of Ibadan, receiving plaudits and effusive introductions from Olayinka Egbokhare, Adam Abubakar Ibrahim and Kola Tubosun.

The goal, with UITES WRITE, was to create a community of past and present University of Ibadan students who are exploring their creativity in art and to offer art lovers and the general public a spectacle.

Choosing not to settle, in 2017, Agbowó was carved out to open up to the rest of Africa. This is our first step, the first of many leaps to create a community of people who enjoy African art and literature.

a man of nostalgia

Why “Agbowó”?

While bearing the same name as the street opposite the University of Ibadan is poetic and could even be seen as symbolic of our move out of the University of Ibadan, this is purely coincidental. Agbowó in our usage of it, and as one of the founding editors put it, means “collectors of things of value”.

What We Do

Here are a number of ways we contribute to the art community.

Agbowo Website Publications

Online Publication

We will accept and publish submissions regularly on our website.

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We look forward to our first publication as Agbowó in 2017. We will issue periodic publications, which will be available online for download and may extend to print.

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Agbowo Events


Agbowó does not have any events now but as soon as we grow our community significantly, we will have local events to bring art experiences closer to people.

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Meet the Team

Dolapo Amusat- Cofouder Agbowo

Dolapo Amusat

Cofounder and Marketing Lead

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-27 at 8.21.49 AM

Habeeb Kolade

Cofounder and Technical Lead

Owolabi Seyi Agbowo

Oluseyi Owolabi

Editor (Photography and Visual Art) 

Dammy Ajibike (2)

Oyindamola Ajibike

Documentation Manager, Arts 'n' Chill by Agbowó


Joshua Faleti Agbowo (2)

Joshua Faleti

Logistics Manager, Arts 'n' Chill by Agbowó


Moyosore Orimoloye- Agbowo Editorial Executive

Moyosore Orimoloye

Editor-in-Chief and CEO

Winifred Binogun- Agbowo Associate Editor

Winifred Binogun

Editor (Fiction)

Kunle Adebajo Agbowo

Adekunle Adebajo

Editor (Essays/ Cultural Criticism) 

Tosin Agbowo (2)

Tosin Babatunde-Olotu

Liaison Officer, Arts 'n' Chill by


Precious Ugorji Agbowo

Precious Ugorji

Publicity Manager, Agbowó

Darafunmi Olanrewaju- Agbowo

Darafunmi Olanrewaju

Editor (Fiction)


Olu Afolabi

Editor (Poetry)

Ezim Osai

Ezim Osai

Director, Arts 'n' Chill by Agbowo

Dolapo Oyekanmi Agbowo

Dolapo Oyekanmi

Events Manager, Arts 'n' Chill by Agbowó

Next Steps...

For inquiries, partnerships and sponsorships, please send an email to hello@agbowo.org

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