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Susurration | Bamidele Aiyejina

Susurration | Bamidele Aiyejina

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And here, at the crossroads,

hesitation lingers like

the pounding voices of migraine.

My head ― an anvil of hooves,

stammers in scattered dialects like

this melancholic mumbling of water-bodies.

On my spine is a hulk ―

a sulking sketch of paranoia

with hands that tilt me sideways

like a gnomon at the mercy of Zephyrs.


Is Redemption in the dive? At the plunge,

Froths become bubbles; bodies are flotsams

Of solid sap — stretched like the forlorn

countenance of the Horizon.


And here, at this altar of decision,

where reasons run without refrain

like enjambed lines; the plunge is

the washing of the sin.


Bamidele Aiyejina renders art with pen and a mouse. He loves dark-art pop , which reflects in his writings — inkings of dark  themes, rarely jovial. When he’s not writing, he’s either designing for brands or daydreaming about hitting a billion dollars before 26.

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