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Boat With No Oar | Nkateko Masinga

Boat With No Oar | Nkateko Masinga

I circled your bed at midnight
chanting love me,
then made your silence my poison
& died

& still     didn’t have you
in the brief, bitter afterlife
that ensued

imagine this wasn’t a dream

would you wake up
and wade to sea
with my soul?

would you remember me?

broken boat
witch with no coven
& no spell book

voyeur at your bedside
cast a shadow over your name
and let me live there

consummate our love posthumously

throw a net over my apparition –
I’d do anything not to fall, unheld

swim back to the shore
alone, boat with no oar

save a jilted ghost
with waves for a dress,

dead but
still desperate
for your affection

the waves change course

you wake up with my name

seated at its throne,
your tongue
which is to say
you are home now
I will no longer beg for what is mine




Nkateko Masinga Agbowo art heat prayers after pantheon boat with no oar

Nkateko Masinga is a Pushcart Prize nominated poet from Pretoria, South Africa. She is the author of three poetry collections: ‘The Sin In My Blackness’ (2015). ‘A War Within The Blood’ (2016) and ‘While The World Was Burning’ (2017). Nkateko’s work has been published in the 2017 edition of U.S journal ‘Illuminations’ and she is a 2019 Fellow of the Ebedi International Writers Residency.

Social media handles:
Instagram: @nkateko_masinga
Twitter: @Nkati_M
Facebook: Nkateko Priscilla Masinga 


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