Limitless | Ohimor Oghenerume Yinkore

Limitless | Ohimor Oghenerume Yinkore

Ohimor Rume - Limitless Agbowo Art African Literary Art


Oghenerume Ohimor Agbowo Art African Literary Art

Ohimor Oghenerume Yinkore

Ohimor Oghenerume Yinkore’s ethereal digital artistry is not simply about drawing graphic designs but the reverence of the divinity of the female form and her rich African heritage by creating alluring images that are an appealing harmony of intricate line work and mesmerizing color combinations.

Oghenerume sees herself as tasked with the mission of portraying the modern appeal of women and African tradition in a digital era. With a variety of art styles ranging from abstract to animation, she is able to reach beyond the restrictions of what art is generally defined as, by encapsulating the combination of ancient African expression and the allure of contemporary skill. The artist lives and works in Nigeria.

See more of her works @ohimor.r

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