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Call for Submissions | Agbowó December 2024 | Unthemed Issue

Call for Submissions | Agbowó December 2024 | Unthemed Issue

While we continue to discover what it means to create African literature, we find ourselves intersecting and documenting violence in the physical landscape and the collective empire of the African diaspora. In a conversation with Vaughn Rasberry, Professor of English and African and African American Studies, we both agreed that language is the passport through which Africans connect with the world. I agree that language is universal, even at this time of grieving—when the world is tugging for a slice of peace, we unite in protest or silence. Even in our silence, some are kneeling, they are teary-eyed, and that, I think, is also language. 

Acknowledging the multiplicity of languages, Agbowo invites you to its unthemed issue. The editors and I are looking for new voices, and we are enthusiastic about established writers. We want pieces of writing that rock the continent. We want to understand your politics and share your personal and collective trauma. We want a snapshot of your geography. We are very interested in writings that are cursory, tasty, musical, careful, and written with love. We love narratives, really-good-but-not-overly-done metaphors, direct verses, brilliant rhymes, truth, and well-edited writing.

Although we can only accept about 1% of the works submitted to Agbowo, we are always looking to spotlight the best of Africa’s new writing. Our contributors have been shortlisted or have won the Brunel Prize, the Commonwealth Prize, the Caine Prize, and more.

To submit your work, please visit to read the submission guidelines and compensation. Submissions are now received via the submission form for each genre. Please remember to provide all the details requested. This call is open to all Africans wherever they may live.

Submission Window: July 1st – August 30th

Decisions: October 15th

Publication: December 1, 2024

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