Online Publication

We will accept and publish submissions regularly on our website. Editors will determine the frequency of posts per week and they will spread this across genres.


We look forward to our first publication as Agbowó in 2017. We will issue periodic publications, which will be available online for download and may extend to print. Our publications will not be issued free unless
agreed otherwise.


Agbowó does not have any events now but as soon as we grow our community significantly, we will have local events to bring art experiences closer to people.


Connecting People Who Love Arts

We seek young people who love arts. While we may extend this community, we are focused keenly on fostering a closely-knit
community of art lovers, both those who practise it and those who appreciate it.

Using Art to Express Ideas and Passions

One key tool we will focus on while creating our community is social media. We are keen on making literature and art trendy again. We believe that art in its many forms helps people rightly express their ideas, passions and may represent their voices towards certain causes.



You can support our growing art community by sending us your donations. Another way you may support us is to share our posts on social media.