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Difficulty Befalls the Easy-Make | Funmi Dipo-Ajayi

Difficulty Befalls the Easy-Make | Funmi Dipo-Ajayi

Funmi Dipo Ajayi Difficulty Befalls the Easy Make Agbowo


“I don’t usually do this”

Your mumbled half-lie
drops through the air alongside his belt.
Eyes dart left, then right, then left, then right again
(everywhere but back to his own).

You catch the reflection of your own eyes
and it startles you,
You, girl with the to mismatched bra and panties,
a rock mixtape screaming of unprepared youth.

It isn’t too late to back down
but a certain kind of fear grips you.
His member nudges you knowingly,
as if to say there is no point.

You weigh the consequences,
unsure how deep his mean streak run.
Overwhelmed, your eyes squeeze shut,
your sense of being drops,
your knees come sinking down beside it.




Funmi Dipo Ajayi Agbowo Difficulty befalls the easy makeOluwafunmi Dipo Ajayi is a writer, creative, daughter, and friend. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and planning vacations in her head. She writes from Minnesota.










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