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Cigarette Butt | Nduka Akpe

Cigarette Butt | Nduka Akpe

Cigarette Butt Agbowo Art Nduka Akpe Literary Art African Art



Your fingers traipsing

across my face taste like cigarettes

Smells I use to hate  taste so lovely when they tickle my nostrils winking slyly as they curl

about the stray strand of hair

I call moustache at the corner of my lip –

Just here


You blow and this room that inhabits you and I

that we pretend to inhabit begins to fill with

foul things that fly, that glide without beauty

little cumulus of pale clouds that jiggle

Wisps possessed by a slowness that scatters

into tatters as my palm beats the air

for breath for my face


This will not happen again,

you said that last time

I concurred

Your left nipple did not…


…and I with no pretence to a conscience

or illness

took your almost pink erectness

as pill


And I stroked

and stroked

and tweaked you as with a pick…


and you fell

you fell vibrating still,


about my finger…






In afterglow

you light up another

The tip of my nostrils

to breath places its head on my window-net,

eyes watering


That smell 

That smell


You call me a synonym for butt

and laugh something hoarse and lonely wrapped in a foil of whispers  ‘

as the generators begin their chorus


The cigarette suffers its throes 

in screams that gleam embers


Like that cigarette

I cannot refuse my butt

between your lips: damp,



…damp, I melt, I forget

and then burn,





Nduka Akpe Cigarette Butt Agbowo Art Literary Art PoetryNduka Akpe lives in Lagos and is known as Daddy G. O. in certain street circles. His interests are varied and include surviving. He is male and tweets @nduxsir. He intends to enjoy life, join him.







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