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Grace | Sihle Ntuli

Grace | Sihle Ntuli

Grace by Sihle Ntuli Agbowo Art African Art Literary

here my dear

flower with the wind

and drifting


just behind your breast plate

in front of your heart

there is a glow

that matches the textures of the neo-soul


state of mind

runs down

gentle stream

calm water

and a sound of gold.


open space

as space to breathe

time leaving

by the second


inhale your blues

exhale out mellow


rest your back

onto green suede couch

and soak under velvet sky

let the purple rain



Sihle NtuliSihle Ntuli is a Kwa-Mashu born South African writer and M.A graduate from the School of Languages and Literature at Rhodes University. Since 2009, his poems have been published on New Coin, New Contrast, Itch and Saraba amongst others. He has also been published in an array of African anthologies such as the Best New African Poets 2015 Anthology & the Sol Plaatjie EU Poetry Anthology in 2016 & 2017.

He has read his poetry at several literature festivals such Time of the Writer and Poetry Africa for the launches of print editions of Poetry Potion and Uhlanga respectively. In 2015 as part of Bakwa’s music feature edition, he curated a Pan-African playlist in collaboration with Ja Magazine entitled ‘Phola’. In the same year, he released his debut anthology of poetry entitled ‘Stranger’ to favourable reviews.

In 2017, Singer/Songwriter and poet Douglas Kaze wrote a paper entitled ‘“bodies starved of the city’s pulse”: The Post-Apartheid Urban Space in Sihle Ntuli’s Stranger” this paper was presented at Yale University in the United States as part of the A.L.A Annual Conference.”




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