The Apocalypse | Ogunkoya Samuel

Agbowo art African Art Ogunkoya Samuel The Apocalypse

This is how to write the story


of the end of (your) existence:



You will have a sister


who plucks her eyebrow


to chew on and paints


her teeth with her mucus.



You will have a son who was killed


for stealing food by the same mob


that murdered your paraplegic mother,


they claimed she was a witch.



You will receive the validation you seek


so smile,


smile to conceal the


darkening of your mind


and the loss of the future


for in your book,


the world ends today.




Ogunkoya Samuel is a Physiotherapy student at  Obafemi Awolowo University. He has written many unpublished poems and prose. He can be reached on twitter @SamuelOgunkoya.

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