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To the children who look like the stories
of the displacement of their homes
afraid to infect their lovers with the poverty lacing their mouths
shouldering the cracks in these weeping skies
the heaven in your smile is a Jezebel for love
she always comes home to reproach
people don’t understand why you are no angel
you, a street trained survivor
your body, a dictionary of ailments
nursing beer filled hearts
it is okay to lose yourself in every sense of woman you can
to resurrect on Sundays
let your hair down a little
all this broken, things fall apart
and it takes so much strength to keep them together
the breaking waters
disconnected umbilicals
you, a vessel of life
I hope you find home
I hope you know love.


Sinaso Mxakaza Agbowo Art Literary Art African Art

Sinaso Mxakaza is a young South African writer who started writing in 2008 inspired by her love for books. Her poems are about healing, change and finding one’s voice in the world we live in. Her works have been published online on sites such as Voicesnet, Fundza, Poetry Potion and an online anthology (Next Generation Speaks Global Youth Anthology).


Facebook: Sinaso Mxakaza

Twitter: @hunyBlaqInspire

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