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my brother as an ErosGospel preacher & Letter to the naked blonde on my whatsapp chat – Micheal Ace

my brother as an ErosGospel preacher & Letter to the naked blonde on my whatsapp chat – Micheal Ace

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my brother as an ErosGospel preacher

my brother’s head is an array
carrying the weight of an indexed scripture
you could see how his ligaments John his bones
to build the framework of his body
how his arteries Mark the tunnel
that depicts the Ruth of life’s intactness
how he Lukes at demons
like the soldiers looked at Christ at Golgotha.
yet there is a kind of storm he fought
that lamed the verses he knew
he’d say some wars cannot be won
& a man shouldn’t live by the words of God alone
but also by the bread on a woman’s chest
he said these words & heaven wailed
then Jesus wept


Letter to the naked blonde on my whatsapp chat

I’m at the beach,
The sea kissing the shore while I sketch your body in the sands.
I fondle your nipples, the water carves itself into a little girl somewhere behind a keyhole;
Finding home within her body as she watches her father throwing darts at a woman-
hitting the right spots.

She doesn’t know, for her man, home is everything she sees in the mirror.

Tonight, you’ll lose your name while calling mine.
Because somewhere on your waist, a long poem will begin,
& there won’t be punctuations- free & rough ride.
You’ll open your mouth to let out smokes-

Poetry is fire & I’ll be building a furnace in your belly.

You’ll read the words & find yourself lost in the deep,
Screaming, moaning; an eight inches poem between your legs.
& I won’t forget the attributes: coherence, fluidity, precision & resolution.
Somewhere in the climax, I’ll spill on you liquid stars,
Maybe that will be your ticket to understanding my kind of poetry.

You called for rain. Baby, get set to be drenched.

Micheal Ace Agbowo Art African Art Micheal Ace is a writer and poet from Ibadan, Nigeria. He is the curator of EroGospel, a new series of erotica out of which three are published here. He promotes poetry through several literary contests and anthologies, all evident on his Facebook timeline and Online Magazine (ACEworld). His works have also appeared on Kalahari review, Lunaris review, Praxis Magazine, African Writer, to mention a few.

He believes the world is too complex for a pen to remain idle.

Facebook: Micheal Ace
Instagram: @poetmichealace
Twitter: @lordace32

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