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The Journey Home | Segun Agbaje

The Journey Home | Segun Agbaje

Agbowo Art Segun Agbaje The Journey Home African Literary Art

If the sun will shine out of my skin
Then a planet can be made from my heart
And amongst craters flowers will grow
Lilies, roses and lavender
And others still yet to be named

Tears will become rivers
In which disfigured men sink and rise as newborns
And the flock will also drink
In plain sight of the lion
With no fear for natures’ might

There is an ocean that clutches at my heart
Holds it captive like chains on the skin of my brethren
And there are echoes of love
Reverberating through the darkness
But when they reach my ears
They become hollow cries of freedom
Voices of forced sailors lost at sea

And endlessly you beat yourself
With the stick of forgiveness
Maybe blows will bring water
(But at what cost?)
A million shattered pieces
Shattered a million times more becomes dust
And only the wind can tell its beginning from its end.


Segun Agbaje. I am a sea searching for itself and a river trying to find its depth. I am also an Economist, a writer and a

Twitter: @slick_shegs

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