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Besides Who I Am Now | Trust Tonji

Besides Who I Am Now | Trust Tonji

for example, I could be the soul of 

a dying inferno or a stray dog


in its adventure; since, of course,

I happen to love breaking


chicken bones, I could be,

like I am now, wine in a wine-


glass, tossed hither and tither

like a brother lost in the hands


of a fleeting kind of love

I could be the thing 


in between the breath

of lovers whose lips are 


about to merge in matrimony

I could be a pain in the ass


or a kind of hell, a make-believe

something under the armpit


of my churchgoing aunt’s mind

maybe prayer beads in the hands


of a prayer freak if I over-

come the fear of my groin 


being fondled, I could be every-

thing that rushes into your head


like chaos when you finally re-

member to close your eyes


in prayer  for a minute          


Trust TonjiTrust Tonji is the winner of the 2018 Martin Luther King slam competition, organized by the US embassy in the Republic of Benin. His poetry has appeared in Ethel Zine, One, Eunoia Review, The Friday Influence, Prachya Review, Kalahari Review, African Writer, Praxis Magazine, The Electronic Pamphlet and elsewhere. He tweets @Trusttoh9ice. 

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