Commute | Chris Oke

Commute Chris Oke Agbowo African Literary Art

What’s in a life alive for deadlines
and 7-minute bus-stops?  

Ó wà o
But where else do you go
when home is the one that kicked you out
ground to dust
dust, to dust. 

Obáléndé wolé, kò sí change o
When bodies surge and stream,
persons flowing into others
meeting, leaving
like ants in a colony,
kissing, leaving,

Mummy ę jǫ ę gbédí á fę tìlękùn
The lagoon seethes where
little men sit in yellow boxes
bent at the neck
in resolute resignation to
a mirage of peace,
home is far. 

Owò dá níwájú?
The poet is a song
versed in short dirges
a son of peace,
sentenced to life,
home is far. 

Ó n bǫlę o
What’s the reflection of happiness
on hot hard tar?
The poet is looking for home–
That’s his adventure.


Chris Oke Agbowo Art African Literary Art CommuteChris Oke is a Nigerian corporate commercial lawyer who is perennially infatuated with strength, beauty, words and the rhythm of life (not necessarily in this order).


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