Irrita by Sheyi Owolabi now open as Agbowó launche...

Irrita by Sheyi Owolabi now open as Agbowó launches first art exhibition

Agbowo Art Exhibition Irrita Sheyi Owolabi

Irrita is a series of art works that explore the range of emotions and feelings that come with being in an unpleasant mental space. It was a journey on self exploration that the artist has now decided to share with the world.

Sheyi Owolabi is a visual designer and photographer who enjoys making art posters. So far, he has released three projects including the “Arial Playlist”, which was featured by the Business Day CEO Magazine, and the “Arial Project”.

This exhibition also marks Agbowó’s first art exhibition. This exhibition is 3D virtual exhibition that welcomes artists and art enthusiasts from every corner of the world. Agbowó’s focus on providing the ultimate African art experience and creating platforms to help creative Africans reach their audience continues to be our drive in exploring multiple online and offline channels.

The exhibition is open from 13th September 2020 to 27th September 2020.

Use this link to below to view the art exhibition.



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