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Idea Keeper | Deon Visser

Idea Keeper | Deon Visser

Sticky images tornado
            like oceans. Ebbing
                         rivers flow and crash
                                    on the wastelands of my mind.

Makers make, and
                           creators create.
            As the sparks of revelation,
light and cascade, and
cast shadows on my innermost surface.

“They are mine you see, they litter the landscape
            they cluster and clutter” I hear the manic whispers of
figments and phantasms.

“I keep them safe here,
              like pearl to oyster,
I keep them near here,
            like nuns to cloister,
I keep them dear here;

An old man materializes.

“My name is the idea keeper,
           how do you do?

Do you see how they sparkle and shine,
           collected and boxed one through nine?
I mouth off to the sky,
             as pretty things impale my eye,
             as I flit and fleet,
             spit and sheen
             and rub forgotten
present moments.
I mouth off to the sky,
            as every man’s mind awakens.
            and every muse’s touch straightens.
I know,
             keepers keep
             store and steep
             stack and shine

For the do-er that stands,
             next in line.”


Deon C Visser Agbowo Art African Literary Art

Deon C Visser

Deon C Visser is a South African writer that writes about; political issues (what it means to be a White African), childhood, and queer trauma. He is currently pursuing his Master’s in Creative Writing at Rhodes University, South Africa.

He has been published in literary journals in North America and Asia (5thwall Press and Insignia Lit, 2018). In 2018 he started work on an epic Afrikaans children’s fantasy series called ‘The Klippenkraal Kronieke’ which he hopes will spark curiosity for South African cultural and mystical contexts.


This entry appeared in The Memory Issue

Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Pexels

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