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on the fence between staying or leaving | Martins Deep

on the fence between staying or leaving | Martins Deep

the clock—

she echoes the footfalls of time

traveling Eastward with the charts on my palms

i do not want to overthink transition

how my body is vanishing with the vapour

of tears on the keys of a grandpiano.

i swear, 

i’m spent weaving a nest in my hair 

to host a phoenix for its secret

— this knowing how to

    fetch starshine & rainbow from ashes

    of a self, formed from a song

    too beautiful to strain its last note

this being, i command you not

to be forgotten. i command you

not to be like my ancestral god 

who drew a bloodline from the cells of daffodils 

& forgot to brand its name with his fingerprints

bold enough to be half invisible

i command you to remain, this body.

but if i linger on, Ajuma, 

there will be no crossing

the borderline into this dreamscape

where thrushes gush psalms

from your mouth. this is a feeble metaphor 

for your laughter that soaks my scars 

with an endless song

— scars that’ll absorb every note 

    for the empty syrinxes of fallen cherubs

    who are dreaming of wooing God into mercy.

Martins Deep

Martins Deep (he/him) is a Nigerian poet, artist, & and currently a student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. His works deeply explores the African experience of the boy/girl child. His creative works have appeared, or are forthcoming on FIYAH, The Roadrunner Review, Covert Literary Magazine, Barren Magazine, The Hellebore, Chestnut Review, Mineral Lit Mag, Agbowó Magazine, Surburban Review, IceFloe Press, FERAL, Kalopsia Literary Journal, Libretto Magazine, Kalahari Review, & elsewhere. He loves jazz, adores Bethel Music and fantasizes reincarnating as an owl. He tweets @martinsdeep1

Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

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