Download In Her Words Anthology – African Wo...

Download In Her Words Anthology – African Women Share their Stories and Reflections on Gender Equality in an Anthology of Essays

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15 women. 7 countries. 1 book. 

“In Her Words: African Women’s Perspectives on Gender Equality,” is a collection of essays that are equal parts thought provoking and witty from young women across the African continent and the diaspora. 

Too often, the lived experiences of African women are spoken about authoritatively by people other than them. From the men of today to the ones who wrote down history, and even well meaning NGOs, African women have often been relegated to the role of spectators in their own life’s stories. 

This compilation is their voice in words. They are sharing their own stories and the stories that became woven in the tapestry of their lives through the women who came before them. Across the different countries on the African continent and the diaspora, they’re sharing their reflections on feminism and what it means to be a woman and African in the 21st Century.

You’ll find that the stories in this anthology take on different hues, from the funny and uplifting to the frustrating and sad. They cover important and sustained themes of early and forced marriage, lack of access to opportunities and formal education. But African women are not just one shade of human experiences, so you’ll also find reflections on sisterhood, and spirits that soared outside the limitations placed on them by society.

In collaboration with the publication team of Agbowó, this free anthology will be made available to the public on International Women’s Day – March 8th. In the meantime, please follow the journey across the social media channels.

Instagram – @InHerWords.Africa

Twitter – @HerWords_Africa


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