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When the party is over | Emesowum .C. George

When the party is over | Emesowum .C. George

When the party is over | Emesowum .C. George | Agbowo Art | African Literary Art

At the table, you mouth

The sixth glass of that wine bottle,

The song seems slower cause your head 

Is doused in alcohol & you save me a dance.

The only way out, is to not move in circles,

But your legs do—I follow.

You are a loose fitting and so is your dress

They’re the length of your mother’s chemise.

I do not care how unattractive you think it is;

It’s going to be a long way up

That heaven till my fingers feel 

The warmth of your inner thighs

& the wetness of its folded skin.

The party only starts after everyone is gone,

We come alive in our silence, breath on breath.

I zip down the night out of your black dress &

The stereo is out and we are the songs ourselves,

With each step, a rhythm,

An attempt to lay unclad,

Half moons hanging over your chest

Waiting to shine in my palms

I worship what’s 

              below and twist prayers into ecstasies

There are tricks your mouth can do

Aside from drinking cheap wine,

Like spilling out daylight from my shank.

I’d gasp—breath,

Thin like the end of a wood 


The party only starts

 When everyone’s gone.



Emesowum.C.George is an Undergraduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering and loves the Art of writing. He shares his time between Lagos and Enugu state.
IG: Chidozie.

Photo by Marc Schulte on Unsplash

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