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CALLING A SPADE II | Animashaun Ameen

CALLING A SPADE II | Animashaun Ameen

CALLING A SPADE II | Animashaun Ameen | Agbowo Art | African Literary Art

I named myself Adam & you pronounced
yourself Steve; two of god’s greatest 
anti-heroes. See, we do not even pass 
to be called abominations – how the devil 
is only the devil just because we want him 
to be. In this story, we are the ones urging Iblis 
to take a bite out of the apple, telling him: 
eat from the fruit of life; break free from all the shackles
holding you down. I think the good lord never forgave 
the first sinners for claiming their bodies as their own. 
What good is a fall from grace when there is something 
growing inside your stomach, waiting to consume you 
from the inside out? The only difference between living
and surviving is the difference in execution. Somehow, 
we are all gods in each of our stories: which is to say
we are the architects of our own misfortunes, which is to say
the first sinners didn’t actually fall from grace; instead, 
they held hands like lovers would, draped their loins with lilies, 
and walked [hand in hand] quietly out of grace.

Animashaun Ameen

Animashaun Ameen is a poet and essayist. His writings are mostly centered on memory, sexuality, and identity. His works have appeared/forthcoming in  Salamander Mag, Native Skin, Third Estate Mag, Roadrunner Review, TheDrinking Gourd, and elsewhere. He lives and writes from Lagos, Nigeria. An oddball. A butterfly. He tweets @AmeenAnimashaun

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

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