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Malarial Hallucinations | Olumide Manuel

Malarial Hallucinations | Olumide Manuel

Apparitions with open arms lead 

debouchures into spectral aches

& void arches, a heavy dry kiss leans 

into this cranium, blooming like a nova

falling like a meteor, I hate when the inside 

of my eyes becomes the inside of a wound,

wet, a gleaming discotheque, a district in hell 

pockets the fractals of magenta klaxons

I always safeguard my own distrust 

—this is no little small thing, nah

this is my father’s masquerade with his chaotic 

garb of omniform colours pulling the sun

every colour owns a tooth, each pair of teeth 

grabs a pestle, each pair of teeth

gnashes my name, I’m somewhere out 

of myself, I’m somewhere floating

past myself in a wilderness that calls me 

her bride, the embrace that holds me

is callused with anguish. I witness

in that lucid dye the locus of the struggle

between the quinine and the yellow herb, 

mother says all works together for good, I

don’t argue. I drift.

Olumide Manuel

Olumide Manuel’s poetry has been featured on or forthcoming in ARTmosterrific journal, Gigantic Sequins, Frontier Poetry, Feral Poetry, Club Plum Literary Journal, Sublunary Review, Grand Little Things and Twyckenham Notes. 

He tweets @Olu_midemanuel.

Photo by Ian Dziuk on Unsplash

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