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Announcing the Alinea Prize 2023 Shortlist

Announcing the Alinea Prize 2023 Shortlist

Creative Non-Fiction stands as an audacious beacon in prose, highlighting genuine experiences in captivating ways. Often overshadowed, this genre has unfathomable depths, particularly on our African soil. When the idea for the Alinea prize was conceived, we sought to champion this under-explored genre. Admittedly, our expectations were undefined, but the essence of splendid writing is in its ability to surprise, enlighten and in many cases, entertain.

The response was overwhelming. We received almost a hundred entries spanning the vast expanse of our continent. These pieces, rich and varied in themes, have been a testament to the collective consciousness of our times, with themes of grief and pain resonating deeply. Although we encountered delays, we remain committed to ensuring every work received its due diligence. We apologize for the extended wait, but we’re elated to share that the moment has arrived.

We are honoured to unveil the shortlisted authors for the ALINEA PRIZE 2023, listed alphabetically:

  1. Akodee by Akinjola Paul
  2. Grief: Its Invisible Gerund by Abasi Maenyin Esebre
  3. Grief That Won’t Let Go by Raheem Omeiza
  4. I Live in a House of Shrinking Rooms by Tochukwu Eze
  5. My Scar is an Artwork by Hajaarh Muhammad Bashar
  6. Oversabi by Olajesutofunmi Akinyemi
  7. Ungodly by Suchet Baba

The winning entry will be announced on the 31st of August 2023.

To each entrant, we are grateful for your trust. As writers ourselves, we recognize the courage it takes to share pieces of one’s soul. If your work didn’t make the shortlist, remember, the journey of writing is filled with myriad highs and lows. Today’s feedback, whether in victory or defeat, serves as the foundation for tomorrow’s masterpieces. Continue to wield your pen with grace and audacity.

Here’s to the words that breathe life and countless tales awaiting your touch.

With utmost appreciation,

Daisy Odey, Hauwa Shaffii Nuhu, Nabilah Usman, and S. Su’eddie Vershima Agema

Judges of the Alinea Prize 2023

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