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Tochukwu Eze wins the 2023 Alinea Prize for Nonfiction

Tochukwu Eze wins the 2023 Alinea Prize for Nonfiction


After immersing ourselves in a delightful reading of compelling narratives, we are delighted to unveil the winning entry of the ALINEA Prize 2023 as ‘I Live in a House of Shriking Things by the talented Tochukwu Eze. Tochukwu’s narrative dazzled us with its evocative imagery and captivating storytelling, setting it a notch above the rest.

It is vital to note that there was a rich spice to the general submissions and the shortlist offered a potpourri of really beautiful narratives. Indeed, the decision was not easy, reflecting the sheer caliber of entries to the competition.

Our deepest gratitude extends to every single entrant. Sharing your stories, your experiences, and pieces of your soul with us has been a profound honor. Each one of you has truly enriched this year’s competition and the broader literary landscape.

A hearty congratulations to Tochukwu Eze and a standing ovation for all who graced this competition with their presence. Your contributions are the reason the world of literature continues to shine brightly.

Warmly and with utmost appreciation,

Daisy Odey, Hauwa Shaffii Nuhu, Nabilah Usman, and S. Su’eddie Vershima Agema

Judges of the Alinea Prize 2023

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