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We will accept and publish submissions regularly on our website. Editors will determine the frequency of posts per week and they will spread this across genres.

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We look forward to our first publication as Agbowó in 2017. We will issue periodic publications, which will be available online for download and may extend to print.

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Agbowó does not have any events now but as soon as we grow our community significantly, we will have local events to bring art experiences closer to people.

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Since 1993


Agbowó was not coined from that place opposite where the University of Ibadan currently domiciles.

Agbowó is a money(coin) collector in Yoruba. We believe that art is just as valuable as money and should be courted in a similar fashion.

We are out to discover great arts and hope to share each of these with our teeming followers. During this process, we hope to meet incredible and unique people who are creating beautiful narrations through different forms of art. We also wish to connect these creators, their admirers and their works together for a blossoming and purposeful art community.

a man of nostalgia

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For inquiries, partnerships and sponsorships, please send an email to hello@agbowo.org