Toni Kan Number 14 Agbowo Art Caine Agbowoart

Number 14 | Toni Kan

“I saw Gideon,” my sister told me on the phone the moment I said hello. “Which Gideon?” I asked “Gideon of Number 14,” she said and I felt the room grow small and become a[…]

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Hiding Father's Face Joba Ojelabi Agbowo art fiction

Hiding Father’s Face | ‘Joba Ojelabi

  Most good stories about cars often start with either a good ride in them or a gratified attempt to own them in their grandeur. But this was not the case with Akin Ojelabi. While[…]

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Ibadan skyline Agbowo

In Ibadan | Feyisayo Anjorin

  Ishola omo Aderohunmu, why are you pushing me to raging flames with your words? Maybe you have not heard about that fool who accidentally disrobed an egungun when this city was still a hamlet.[…]

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a man of nostalgia

A Man of Nostalgia | Tohib Adejumo

Two nights ago, I was at a housewarming party of a colleague from work, holding a glass of wine, and admiring one of the paintings on the wall. The artwork seemed to have been made[…]

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Oloye Alade Agbowo

Oloye Alade | IfeOluwa Nihinlola

While Oloye sat at the centre of the village with other men on raffia mats as they drank otika, beer made from guinea corn that has the ability to make a grown man’s brain float[…]

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Welcome To Agbowo banner

Welcome To Agbowó

For months, we have worked assiduously to create a platform that celebrates and curates the most important and beautiful works of literary and visual art by Africans in Africa and the diaspora. The product of[…]

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