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On Desire | Tade Ipadeola

On Desire | Tade Ipadeola

On Desire Tade Ipadeola Agbowo

So the thing I want the most to do is ask

Why Cleopatra’s Needle pierces history

From Luxor to Paris, London and New York

Why Muhammad Ali gave our monument away?


But you know that that can’t be true

The thing I want to do the most is touch

That heat lodged in the core of desire

When she wields her warrior’s cry.


The thing I want to feel the most is time

As river or ether, perhaps both

Tied to timelessness inside her warmth

Who is the girl with eyes I always loved.


Those things I tend to want the most are shy

And obstinate as fuck when I pursue

And so I learnt to wait the while I live

For then the things I want the most come in.


©Tade Ipadeola



Tade Ipadeola AgbowoTade Ipadeola is an award-winning Nigerian poet who writes in English and Yoruba. He is a practising lawyer. In 2013 his poetry collection “The Sahara Testaments” won the prestigious Nigeria Prize for Literature instituted by the Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG). In 2009, he won the Delphic Laurel in Poetry for his Yoruba poem “Songbird” at the Delphic Games in Jeju, South Korea.






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  • …yet closing the same gap that had long been left widened since the closure of Mbari…the Agbowo accolade you have chosen is a reconfiguration of the relationship between the academia and the loyalty to a bouyant city named “agbowo” that had hosted the like of Achebe, Soyinka, JP Clark, Remi Raji and the like. The spirit of poetics rekindled…

  • I remember meeting with Mr Tade at his Pastor’s house earlier his year. I learnt a lot about asa (culture). This is a wonderful piece!

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