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What She Said | Precious Arinze

What She Said | Precious Arinze

What She Said Agbowó Precious Arinze

Dear, if you find this, we filled

three notebooks with our abusers’ names

and fed them to a stove.

Still, they did not leave. Like how scars forget to fade

long after the wounds close up,

All that have been taken from us, still tangle

in the soft shawl of lovemaking, still dances

in crowded rooms, still walks past a group

of men and remembers to breathe. Here’s

a mouthful of remedies. Here’s nectar

storing all your air. Here’s a world

where no one wonders why you didn’t fight

and how short your skirt was that day. Here’s

a body to make your body less invisible.

Here’s a memory you can trust. Here’s

tears to last you years, and still, still, still,

still, somehow, dancing.


precious arinze agbowó Precious Arinze is a freelance writer. Her poems have appeared in Mikrokosmos journal, Brittle Paper and Kalahari Review. She spends more time than is necessary googling luxury restaurants and thirsting for meals she cannot afford.

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