Starlight | Gbenga Adeoba

Gbenga Adeoba Starlight Agbowo

I am furling like arcs of tendrils unknown.

Perhaps it is the rhythm wafting from your country;

or the way of waters, how they hold flotsams

in their wake, in grips weighed in ripples.

Only that there is no water here anymore

and day too has strayed into a dark room.

I think now of the incandescence

of your eyes, their fidelity, the tender pull

of this sheen offering a look into the years

beyond and their promise of rain.

Tonight, Lagos is shrouded in a shawl

of half-light; time and the dark limiting

the variance of a promenade or the cavorting

of lovers. Yet we will dance to the skies,

Itunu, knowing the stars would witness, yet again,

to our oneness with their continent of songs.


Gbenga Adeoba Starlight AgbowoGbenga Adeoba is an Associate Editor of poetry at Kreative Diadem.






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  1. luperdamkor

    1 September

    Scintillating poetry. Gives a pretty brisk picture of pure and unadulterated love.

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