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‘Still Life with the Evangelist’ and ‘Àkúdàáyá’ | Logan February

‘Still Life with the Evangelist’ and ‘Àkúdàáyá’ | Logan February

Logan February Still Life With the Evangelist and Akudaaya

still life with the evangelist



have you heard the gospel?

– did you know               that birdsong is older

than a rooster’s call                      i’m sorry

i know not to answer a question

with a question      i just find that

very fascinating


have you heard the gospel?

– my name means a promise was kept

i never sleep      of course      i hear things


what did you think of it?

– i understand that someone

has to die      for me to be free

i just think                       that someone

is too often      me


where did you go astray?

– the problem is always              love

the problem is always     my heart

i’m trying to say             it all started

with    the birdsong

what do you believe?

– i believe              i am too young

to be such a withered thing

what do you believe?

– i would say             i’m a buddhist

because      breathing      is something

people like me have to learn

and     living is such a difficult task

almost like           swimming

do you even want salvation?

– it started with love         i changed

my name      and a promise was broken


what do you mean?

– i mean i loved myself once

and i never looked back

do you even want salvation?

– don’t tell me lies       we both know

someone has to die      for that

to be real

do you know this is something you need?

– yes          but a chest with good lungs

is also something          i need

do you see my problem


what do you mean?

– listen to me          i never breathe


so what happens after you die?

– i’ll be honest with you            the only

real reason      i believe in reincarnation is

is that       i was too young      when i

discovered nostalgia

how old were you?

– i heard it in a bird’s song

i think         i was eight

when my father      died

do you want me to stop?

– i’ve told you         i cannot continue

this way          it makes me wither

are you sure?

– of course i’m sure     i never

sleep    i have ample time

to decide      these things      i’m saying

everything that echoes          is a name


breathe                        breathe

stop shaking & calm the storm

in your hands

dead men can walk this earth

if they love      hard enough &

do not let go

it is        alright

it is more than alright &

if you recognize them

that means you will die soon

the flames enveloping you &

then folding into          a silence

a blurry vanishing      something

like  a gradual thaw

does that sound so bad

look in a mirror

you are one of them

i am one      too            breathe

breathe          it is alright to let go

it is alright to recognize yourself

it is more than alright

if you never let go



Logan Feburary Akudaaya and Still Life With the EvangelistLogan February is a happy-ish Nigerian owl who likes pizza & typewriters. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Vagabond City, Wildness, Glass, and other outlets. His chapbook, Painted Blue With Saltwater (Indolent Books), is forthcoming in 2017. Say hello on Instagram & Twitter @loganfebruary





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  • This is my first time of reading his poetry and I am not disappointed. I love his easy style. His spaces depict some sort of patient outflow, to me. I particularly like the first poem because of its Christian allusions.

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