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Correspondence with Heaven | Deborah Agube

Correspondence with Heaven | Deborah Agube

Deborah Agube Correspondence with Heaven Agbowo


I wonder what rainbows feel like,

what it tastes like having heaven on your lips.

There is a rebirth that comes with the rains to earth,

with the many colours of hope and beauty hidden in your eyes.

I hope the shades that define our existence is more magic than these showers,

pouring on the roof of our hearts,

or this wind that ripples through our skins,

making us believe the stories our mothers told us about dreams,

how they come alive at the slightest whiff of belief.


I wonder if the rainbow will feel like your hands around me,

Or if the heavens taste like your lips,

Or the hope that envelopes me when you whisper in my ears.

Maybe within your fingers lies a magic that only exists at the instant of touch

because the gods know that with every touch and every breath from you,

I hear the mythical fathers and mothers burst into soulful laughter.


I wonder if you can name the stars in the sky,

I learnt to call each of the lights that shine in your eyes by name,

and I yearn for the innocence of a love that craves true beauty,

a love like the rainbows and magic,

because maybe you are my heaven.



Deborah Agube Agbowo Correspondence to Heaven Difficulty Befalls the Easy MakeDeborah Agube is a Nigerian student, who is kin on learning about the different shades of the world around her, and writes as a way to express her ideas and understandings of different things. She tries to relate to stories told and the many events that occur in our world. She believes that the best way to see beauty in our everyday lives is by appreciating the little victories.









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