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The Dead Live In Vegetables Too | Afua Awo Twumwa

The Dead Live In Vegetables Too | Afua Awo Twumwa

The Dead Live In Vegetables Too | Afua Awo Twumwa | Agbowo | Reincarnation Issue 2022


i taste the sorrow in spinach

i swallow the sorrys whole

it is my grandfather thinking he should have done my mother better

i would have named my eggs after him

carried him whole in my womb

when I say 

“no waitress, no waitress this salad is fine

i just need some more cream”

i mean everything set before me can bring bad memories home

if grown in the mountains of the Krobos

this carrot may have grown from my grandfather’s eyes

his sockets falling into dead soil to wake it

there is no end to what the body was made to do

we live even in our death

if this green pepper grew from his limbs

what becomes of mine moving forward

do i forget what i am sure my mother has already

about forgiveness, we cannot guarantee what those born with our pain will do

i choose not to let him off easily

to say she grew up fine anyway is to say i will let the same thing happen twice

in memory you have the choice to hold on

so i am stuck to the remembering

Afua Awo Twumwa

Afua Awo Twumwa is an accountant, a writer and has a keen interest in the performing arts. Her works have appeared in Tampered Press, Kalahari Review, AFREADA and some anthologies. Find her on all socials @awotwumwa.

Photo by Joeri Römer on Unsplash

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